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Breeding goals

We aim to produce healthy Swissies with good exterior and mentally stable dogs. We have over 30 years of experience in the breed. Our puppies will come to loving homes as full family members. Long-lasting good contact with puppy buyers both in happy and sad events is desired. Some kg of food, toy, chewing gum, blanket, DVD about the puppies, registration in SKK, usual vaccinations, veterinary inspected at delivery not older than one week, and binder with pedigree, tips and advice for the puppy's home coming and future. The puppies have hidden fault insurance for 3 years ( only avaible in sweden) and are dewormed  at least 2 times. Purchase agreements are also included.

We strive to comply with SSHK's regulations regarding breeding for Swissies.

We also follow the regulations that are available at SKK for breeders and breeding. I have completed the entire SKK breeder's education.


How it started


Everything started in 1986 when I bought my very first own dog. After many years of exercising obedience and having been involved with my father's hunting dogs. It became a swissy Grosserhof's Goldie Hawn. With her I went to many shows and she won the most of them. Eva Franzen a wonderful breeder who always had the door open for us dog enthusiasts. I often send her my thoughts.

SUCH Grosserhofs Goldie Hawn

Later, a German shepherd come to me. I attended my instructor training in Halmstad in 1989 and had, for a few years, courses in Hyltebruk's working dog club.

I also competed with obedience. And when the Border Collie Sudden come, I went to attend all courses, since you do not get a good herding dog for free just because it is known as a herding dog.

We also had the privilege to own  Fajita, Honda and Safir, all 3 swissies. Fajita had 2 litters.

Our children were born -90, -92, -93, -98.  After many years of night work at a retirement home, I now work as a personal assistant.

We live here.


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